Video email has had such a huge impact on your society. I am able to communicate with family and friends from far off with the touch of a button. The great thing about an email is that it can be opened at their convenience. So, if there are time differences between us, I know that as soon as they can, they will get to see my face. I have recently been using such schemes in my business too.

Talk Fusion is the company that is making it all possible. They are a video communication business. They help companies like mine to use video conferencing, social networking products, and broadcasting. I use their flagship video email service as this is the program that helps me make magic. It is really quite simple to use. Whenever I want to send a video message, I either record it on my computer or a flip-style camera. The great thing is it works with any recording device you have. So, if you only have a web-camera, it will do quality work with that too.

I create the video, then I open the Talk Fusion portal. I find the video that I saved and upload it to my email. It is just like attaching any other kind of document. They make it really simple for those of us who don’t have much knowledge in this area. They have tons of pre-made templates, and they even let me brand my own graphics into the program. Another feature, that I personally love, is that I can include any text message I want too. Watch their instructional video below.

If you want to use this for your business, the great thing is that once you have completed the email, you have the option to send it to one person or thousands. Your limits will depend on the service plan you select. Whatever I create is saved on their servers. I can use it again or use it to recreate a new video email later. Now, if you don’t have a photographic face like me, then you can use the pre-recorded messages they have on their site too. You don’t even have to make your own product. You can send out a nice message that tells people “thanks for buying from our company.” There are ample messages to choose from.

The cost is certainly not what I thought it would be, it’s better. I paid $175 up front and then just a mere $20 a month. This gives me a user’s account and the storage of up to 1,000 emails. I also have the ability to make a video that can last for up to five minutes in length. If you want to pay for the $375 package, you can get all of the stuff listed above, plus you get an additional four more accounts. This allows you to really improve your customization features. It also increases your video to 10 minutes instead of the five-minute range. You can store up to 25,000 email address, and it will only cost you $200 a month. Since my business doesn’t have that many email addresses yet, we opted for the smaller package.

Talk Fusion is a great way to branch you your business into video email. Try it, what do you have to lose? They also offer free trials to see if it is something your business can use.